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Sondra Huddleston

“It all happened so fast. Sondra listed (our house) and a couple day later she had an open house, the buyers wanted to see it before the open house. They saw it and made an offer. It was a blessing and so was Sondra. Sondra kept us informed and did a very good job.”

-Bob McKay

“Sondra was incredibly diligent about keeping track of deadlines and helping me to meet them. She was willing to give her professional opinion but also willing to listen to come up with the best overall solution. Sondra has a great understanding of market value and can sift through properties that are overvalued. She can either point someone in the right direction for best price or help make the right offer for the better property.”


“Sondra kept us informed and explained all transactions. She is rated A+ in our book. She helped us select people to prepare our house for sale. We live over 200 miles away and Sondra made arrangements, was there to let them in, monitored their work and kept us informed every step of the way.”