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Seller’s Guide

Sears Real Estate is an agent-owned company, comprised of only full time, knowledgeable, professional and dedicated REALTORS®. Our REALTORS® possess deep, local expertise and would be honored to help you sell your property anywhere in Northern Colorado and the surrounding area. We’re experts at selling homes. Not just listing them. Our goal is to help you take the next step in your journey in the timeframe in which you are looking to move.

When you list your home with a Sears Real Estate REALTOR® here is a glance at the services you will receive:

Professional Advice

Your Sears Real Estate REALTOR® will advise you of any necessary repairs and how you may best prepare your home for showings. You will be kept up to date on the state of the market, the sale of similar properties, and any other factors which may affect the progress of your sale.

Regular and Consistent Communication

You can count on your Sears Real Estate REALTOR® to be in communication with you on a regular basis to provide feedback about showings on your home, the current market conditions, deadlines and timeframes you need to meet, and marketing that is happening on your home.  We would like to communicate with you in the manner you prefer—whether that’s by phone, in person, via email or through the mail.  The communication from your REALTOR® will be regular, timely and on-going.

Full-Time Commitment

In today’s real estate market, many REALTORS® have other part-time jobs to help supplement their real estate careers.  Our REALTORS® are committed to real estate as a full-time career. We know that the marketing of your home deserves professional, consistent attention from a dedicated real estate specialist.  We are actively engaged, every day, in selling real estate.

Advertising and Marketing

Our advertising and marketing plan is comprehensive and varied.  We believe in promoting your home in different media arenas including print media, web marketing, and through our deep connections in the real estate community.  Your Sears Real Estate REALTOR® will outline a specific strategy on how to best promote and sell your home.

Negotiating Skills

When you hire a REALTOR®, the main skill you want them to posses is negotiating for you on your behalf so you get the best price possible that meets the overall goals you are seeking within your timeframe.  As professionals in this industry, our REALTOR’S® sales and negotiating skills are some of the strongest in the industry.  We know how to collaborate with others in a way that achieves results for our sellers.  When you hire a Sears Real Estate REALTOR®, you are hiring a strong and experienced negotiator. 

Honesty & Trustworthiness

Our REALTORS® value honesty and trustworthiness in their own businesses and we want our clients to know they can rely on those same character traits when they work with our company.  We know selling a home can be a big financial undertaking and affects many aspects of your life.  You can count on us to be honest and trustworthy and that it will be the foundation of our relationship.  And, because the majority of our business comes from referrals, how we treat our clients is of the utmost importance.

Expertise and Knowledge

We are local experts in real estate, the market and how to get your home sold!  We pride myself on the continuing education courses we take to stay abreast of changes in the real estate laws and in the knowledge we gain through the sales process by doing it on a daily basis. 

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