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Relocation Resources

Let Sears Real Estate’s relocation department support you with every move you make!
Whether transferring within our area or moving across the United States, our relocation department has the tools and connections to make sure every move is both personalized and smooth. Our full-time relocation director will connect you with a real estate professional in our Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ network who fits your needs and will assist you no matter where you are planning to go!

The Tools of Sears Real Estate’s Relocation Department:

Sears Real Estate brings an experienced relocation department to the needs of individual and corporate relocation. We provide a variety of tools for your convenience.

• Complimentary Community Tours
• Customized E-Relocation Slideshows
• Referral of Qualified Agents in New Community
• Temporary Housing Referrals
• Cost of Living Comparisons

The Right Choice for Relocation
Our full-time relocation director, the only one in Greeley, Colorado, maintains relationships with Northern Colorado community organizations and is connected to real estate companies across the nation. As a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ since 1997, Sears Real Estate is an active contributor to this network of independent real estate companies which produces a US sales volume that exceeds any single national franchise.

Imagine the convenience of working with a flexible, responsive company who is connected to REALTORS® and properties nationwide. Through a single personal contact, an advocate is provided to assist each client in meeting their relocation goals. Simplify your transition with Sears Real Estate’s relocation department by contacting us today.

Employee Relocation Assistance
Our one-on-one guidance helps clients by:
• Providing information about the destination area through personalized research, information, and complimentary area real estate tours.
• Reducing the stress often associated with relocation.
• Optimizing time allotted for house hunting.
• Helping employees connect with their new community.

Corporate Relocation Assistance
Corporations find that our relocation services help to:
• Motivate transferees to make a positive, informed decisions about relocating.
• Reduce lost employee productivity by minimizing the time required for transferees to find a new home.
• Reduce temporary living expenses.
• Lessen the overall stress associated with employees transferring.

Kacie Vaughn-Beck | Relocation Director
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