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Henley Paradis

“My husband and I made an unexpected decision to accept a job offer back east to be closer to family and we needed to sell our house quickly to relocate. With a toddler, two dogs, full-time work schedules, and trying to get ready to move, we needed a realtor who would be flexible and help us organize showings and the sale process in a way that would accommodate our chaos. There is so much I could say about working with Henley, ultimately she was an important part of making our big and crazy plans a reality. Henley is the perfect combination of heart and professionalism — she was exactly what my family needed in a real estate agent.”
Kristy Gismot  |  Home Seller

“Working with Henley made our home selling and home buying experience the best we have had. Henley was professional, diligent, and authentically wanted us to have the best outcome possible. She was always available, working new strategies, tending to flyers, calls and inquires. We sold at a difficult time and she worked to meet our financial needs, and represented us well when necessary. We would recommend Henley to all those looking to sell or buy. Henley works hard to meet your needs!”
Sean and Becky  |  Home Buyer & Seller

“Working with Henley was wonderful! She made us feel very comfortable and was extremely knowledgeable. She found us the information we needed to make an educated decision and was always extremely prompt in her communication with us. She made the experience very easy for us and we have already recommended her to our friends.”
Kim & Jan |  Home Buyer

“When we were considering selling our home and buying another, we were nervous that we’d be nickeled and dimed throughout the process. When we chose Henley, we knew right away that we would have a fair and straightforward home selling and home buying experience. Henley was upfront about the process, costs, and expectations. As a mom herself, she made it easy for our family to buying, selling, and moving into our lives. Henley’s attention to detail and commitment to give her best to our home sale provided us with peace of mind that we got a competitive price for our home. When purchasing our new home, she was well-informed and reasonable, which allowed us to craft the best offer possible. We really liked that Henley was fully committed to selling our home and she kept us informed of each step along the way. We recommend Henley to anyone selling or buying in Northern Colorado.”
Brett & Christina Nichols | Home Buyer & Seller