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Category: Millennials

    Could a Multigenerational Home Be the Right Fit for You?

    By KCM Crew | March 7, 2023

    During the pandemic, many of us reexamined the meaning of home for ourselves and our loved ones.  Read More

    Building a New Home Part 5

    By Kacie Beck | December 5, 2022

    The final step in our New Construction series is Step 5- The final walkthroughs and closing. Often times referred to as the “tape walk”, you will walk the completed home with the builder or one of their representatives and be SUPER nit-picky. If you see anything that you do not like, is broken or not... Read More

    What You Want To Know If You’re Pursuing Your Dream of Homeownership

    By KCM Crew | December 1, 2022

    If you’re a young adult, you may be thinking about your goals and priorities for the months and years ahead. And if homeownership ranks high on your goal sheet, you’re in good company. Many of your peers are also pursuing their dream of owning a home. The 2022 Millennial & Gen Z Borrower Sentiment Report […] Read More

    10 Things to Do During the Holidays in Northern Colorado

    By Admin | November 28, 2022

    Northern Colorado has a wide variety of holiday activites that you do not want to miss. Whether you are local to our area or having guests in this holiday season, you’ll enjoy the many things to do in Northern Colorado. Here are just a few to get you started: Now-Jan 1 Winter Wonderlights ,Chapungu Sculpture... Read More

    Building A New Home Part 4

    By Admin | November 28, 2022

    Step four- The Build. The first weeks of actual build time are the most excruciating. It seems like NOTHING is happening. Plans are submitted to the city, permits are pulled and finally after an eternity of waiting, the hole is dug. Once your foundation hole is dug, a foundation crew will put up forms and... Read More

    Your House Could Be the #1 Item on a Homebuyer’s Wish List During the Holidays

    By KCM Crew | November 28, 2022

    Each year, homeowners planning to make a move are faced with a decision: sell their house during the holidays or wait. And others who have already listed their homes may think about removing their listings and waiting until the new year to go back on the market. The truth is many buyers want to purchase […] Read More

    Building A New Home Part 3

    By Admin | November 21, 2022

    In my opinion, now is the fun part! Step Three- Choose your upgrades and finishes! During this process you will either go to an on-site design center or be led to a design center where you can see all of the product options. Most commonly there are design board options that helps streamline the process.... Read More

    More People Are Finding the Benefits of Multigenerational Households Today

    By KCM Crew | November 17, 2022

    If you’re thinking of buying a home and living with siblings, parents, or grandparents, then multigenerational living may be for you. The Pew Research Center defines a multigenerational household as a home with two or more adult generations. And the number of individuals choosing multigenerational living has increased over the past 50 years. As you […] Read More

    Building A New Home Part 2

    By Admin | November 14, 2022

    Continuing our series on New Construction and the steps in the new construction building process:Step 2: Once you have selected your builder you will choose which lot you would like (some come with additional premiums, so beware), you will choose a floorplan (some lots have limitations on which floorplan they can hold) and will be... Read More

    Do You Believe Homeownership Is Out of Reach? Maybe It Doesn’t Have To Be.

    By KCM Crew | November 3, 2022

    It turns out, millennials aren’t the renter generation after all. The 2022 Consumer Insights Report from Mynd says there’s a portion of millennial and Gen Z buyers who are pursuing homeownership as a way to build their wealth, but it may not be exactly the way previous generations have done it. The study explains how […] Read More