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Building A New Home Part 4

Step four- The Build. The first weeks of actual build time are the most excruciating. It seems like NOTHING is happening. Plans are submitted to the city, permits are pulled and finally after an eternity of waiting, the hole is dug. Once your foundation hole is dug, a foundation crew will put up forms and your foundation will be poured. Yay! Progress! After this, any underground utilities will be put in and framing will commence. All of the sudden, vacant land is taking shape into your beautiful home! Depending on the builder what occurs next may be different but, in some form, or fashion, you will get a roof, exterior walls, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC! Many builders will have formal “walkthroughs” set up with you so that you can see the progress of the build and ensure that everything is going in in the correct locations. Semi-custom builders will have what are commonly termed “electrical walk” and “architecture walk” to name a few. Typically, in fully custom builds, you are on-site much more frequently, if you desire. Once you get to the trim work, the build seems to take a little longer but every day the house begins to look more like the home you have been waiting for.

Move-in time is finally drawing near, and it cannot get here fast enough.

But first, Step 5- The final walkthroughs and closing. Check back next week!

Blog and photos courtesy of:
Sonja Belfiore, Broker Associate/Partner

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