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Building A New Home Part 3

In my opinion, now is the fun part! Step Three- Choose your upgrades and finishes!

During this process you will either go to an on-site design center or be led to a design center where you can see all of the product options. Most commonly there are design board options that helps streamline the process. Do you like dark floors and white cabinets? Design Option 1 for you! Do you like blue tile and dark carpet? Design option 4 for you! Occasionally you will get a wider array of options that are still within the standard features and almost always there is an option to blow that all out of the water and choose whatever you would like from a true design center. But that my friend, will come at a pretty penny. Most builders have a great set of options that have been chosen by a designer and you can find something you will love. There are always chances for upgrades (some builders more than others) and other ways to make your home feel uniquely you.

As before, having an agent alongside you during this process is a great idea. I try to go to all of my client’s design meetings so I can take notes, ask questions and be another set of ears and eyes. No builder or their agent is out to take advantage of a buyer. BUT, they are building a lot of units. Things get missed, errors occur and sometimes you are so overwhelmed, you forget to ask the simple questions. So again, hand-in-hand with your agent is best. Let me worry about taking the notes while you concentrate on building a design that you will love.

Building a new home is one of the most exciting and excruciating experiences you will have. “Excruciating? Sonja, that sounds terrible. Why would I do it then?” Well, how does this sound? Having a home that doesn’t need any repairs right when you move in, a home that no one else has ever called theirs, all the bells and whistles that fit YOU and your lifestyle, no competing offers aka not overpaying, up-and-coming neighborhood where values in the foreseeable future are bound to rise, your favorite colors, should I continue? Every new build client I have ever had, has said that it is all well worth the wait and they nights pouring over features. So what comes after finding a wonderful buyers agent, choosing a builder, lot and floorplan and designing your home?

Step 4 coming up next week- don’t miss it!

Blog and photos courtesy of:
Sonja Belfiore, Broker Associate/Partner

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