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Building A New Home Part 2

Continuing our series on New Construction and the steps in the new construction building process:
Step 2:

Once you have selected your builder you will choose which lot you would like (some come with additional premiums, so beware), you will choose a floorplan (some lots have limitations on which floorplan they can hold) and will be advised of the standard features. Many builders choose to use a Builders Contract with many more specifics to the build timeline but keep in mind it is also what we call “builder friendly”. Some builders choose to use the Colorado State approved contracts, which are much more “buyer friendly”, but will add additional builder’s addendums which will negate some of the Colorado contract. Don’t let either of these scare you. Both are great options and as with any contract, please read and understand it fully!

As I mentioned before, step one is the most important! I walk beside my clients through this process hand-in-hand and ask questions they may not have thought of. I ask the builder, I ask the client. It is easy to have your mind on one track and not be thinking of something very important that you need to consider. This is why it is SO important to be open and honest with your agent about why you are moving, what you are looking for, why those primary items are of importance to you, etc. For example, you may have told me that you love your little pooch Tina and she is the driver for your happiness. You may be looking at a lot and thinking it is perfect because the backyard is perfect for Tina, you have privacy, it’s a corner lot, the dog park is across the street; you get the point. You are getting all excited and starting to roll forward with the Builder’s agent to mockup a contract and I am able to step back and say “Wait, I think I remember you telling me that Tina is a princess and has to be carried to her special spot when she needs to go outside. This is a walk-out lot which will not only have additional premiums for the build of the home and the lot as well, but also, you will have to carry Tina down 10 stairs day and night, rain or shine.” AHHHHHH, you say, you had totally forgot about that! So, we find other options that fit all of your other wants, dreams and can’t-live-withouts and you walk away with a home that is truly going to fit your lifestyle!

Let’s recap our steps to buying a new construction home! Step one-Find a reputable, diligent and knowledgeable Buyer’s Broker! Step two- Choose your builder, lot, & floorplan!

Check back next week for Step 3, which I think is the fun part!

Blog and Photos courtesy of:
Sonja Belfiore, Broker Associate/Partner

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