About Sears Real Estate

Sears Real Estate is the preeminent real estate company in Northern Colorado focusing our efforts on the Greeley, Windsor, Loveland and Ft. Collins marketplaces. Those who have lived in the area for a long-time know Sears Real Estate is synonymous with the best: success, leadership, and knowledge. Those who are new to the community sometimes call us looking for chainsaws and appliances, and soon discover we are not associated with Sears and Roebuck the department store located in the mall.

Instead, we received our name from Doug Sears. Doug founded Sears Real Estate in 1972. He was committed to being a local and independent company with ties only to the Northern Colorado community and its amazing residents. Doug Sears, who was widely respected for his accomplishments, intelligence, integrity and vision, provided a legacy and foundation that has continued today. Our reputation is much like it was 40+ years ago…it is among the very best names in real estate companies.

Among the Best Real Estate Companies In Colorado
Today, our structure is a bit different than it was 40 years ago. Our independent company is owned by its agents. So, they have a vested interest in what happens with the company and for the clients we serve. They are all full-time real estate professionals leading the way in our industry and in our Northern Colorado community. Very few real estate companies in the nation are structured in this fashion, and we are proud to be amongst the few who see this as a benefit to the real estate brokers. And, while not everyone in our company chooses to be an owner, they all have the same opportunity to buy-in and be leaders of the organization.

Owning a real estate office and working there provides our agents with the ability to make decisions that directly impact their business and their clients without a bunch of red tape. Maybe they want to run a full-page ad in the Greeley Tribune or Homes and Land magazine highlighting all of our open houses for the weekend…we can do that. On the spot. It gives us uncommon flexibility. Agents who own the company means that the company exists to serve their needs…not the other way around. Often, companies owned by large franchises or investors are structured with one goal—to provide a return on their investment.

Independent From Day One

We enjoy additional flexibility and adaptability because we have maintained our independent brand. We’re not part of any national franchise. And, since 1972, we believe we’ve been among the best real estate companies in Northern Colorado because of our independence. We make local decisions with people who live locally. We reside in your community and understand the ups and downs – and the ins and outs – of the market. We see you at the grocery store, at the concert hall and in church. When you have a concern or problem, we are responsive and responsible. We still answer our own phones in the business day, not leaving you to press one or two or three. The person you’re talking to is right here. In our office. In your community.

Excellent Support Staff

Our agents are also supported by our incredible full-time staff who are second to none. They know that their job is to support the agents so they have more time to work on showing properties or selling homes. Our company is also unique in the fact that we have a non-competing managing broker. While she has her real estate license, her agreement is that she won’t sell properties and compete against her real estate agents. This sets up a much more supportive and team effort between the manager of the company and the agents who work at Sears Real Estate. With over 40 full-time real estate brokers, we believe it’s important to have a full-time, non-competing managing broker who can focus on the operation of the business and supporting the agents in their transactions.

What makes Sears Real Estate So Special?
Why is it among the very best names in Real Estate in Northern Colorado?


  • 45+ full time real estate brokers
  • One heck of an awesome support staff
  • A non-competing, managing broker who is focused on the success of our agents
  • Independent since 1972
  • Marketing Pros
  • A real estate fixture in Northern Colorado

Our agents and staff, together, create a well-oiled machine. They each understand the activities and areas they should focus on to ultimately best assist our clients.
The company continues its long-standing tradition of providing exceptional service for Buyers and Sellers in Greeley and Weld and Larimer Counties and throughout Northern Colorado as one of the largest independent, agent-owned companies in our area.

Our company has seen many changes in the real estate market. We survived the 80’s and now the most recent downturn in the market. We are in the business for the long-haul and know what to anticipate in both challenging and rewarding real estate markets.

You have many choices in real estate companies. In fact, you probably know several real estate agents through church or your son’s soccer team. But choosing a real estate company isn’t just about who you know. It’s also about their reputation. About what they stand for. About their reliability and their integrity.

We know that. It’s why we focus not just on real estate contracts and educational training in our day-to-day business but also on how we can serve our clients best. About what we can do to create a positive buying or selling experience…one that you won’t forget and will gladly share with your friends and family.

It’s how we’ve built our business. From friends and family. From you telling your neighbor that the real estate agent you worked with from our Company was amazing. From doing not just a good job, but an extraordinary job for our clients. You matter to us. And, it’s exactly what Doug Sears thought about when he started the company and put his name on the door.

Message from the CEO


I started at Sears Real Estate when I was just 19 years old. I answered a job posting (on a 3×5 index card) tacked to the employment board at the University of Northern Colorado when I was attending school. It was for a position in their mailroom helping with labeling postcards and answering phones.

Now, some 21 years later, I happily find my journey has led me to the role of CEO of the company. I had a few detours in between that time in the mailroom and now…working in the title and mortgage business and selling real estate with Sears Real Estate. It’s all made up an incredible journey in this field of real estate that I both appreciate and enjoy. I didn’t grow up wanting to work in real estate, but I’m glad I grew up working in real estate.

The gift to me each and every day are the people I get the opportunity to work with. Those are the agents and staff at Sears Real Estate. It’s our clients. And, it’s the people in the community I get the privilege of working with. How fitting. We truly believe in “people first. I’m clear that while we sell houses as our product, it’s the people who truly make up our business.

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