Northern Colorado Has So Much To Offer…

Northern Colorado is, by far, one of the best places to live. People come from all over the world to reside in Greeley, Ft. Collins and Loveland (and all of the places in between).


What might draw you to Northern Colorado?
Here’s what people tell us over and over about some of the towns and cities in Northern Colorado


We moved to Greeley because we were looking for a midsized city that had bigger amenities and features. We liked that Greeley has the Union Colony Civic Center and one of the oldest orchestras in the nation. It feels like we can tap into culture without having to drive an hour to get it. And, when we want to experience the “big city” we’re only an hour away from Denver or Cheyenne.
Relocating to Greeley was one of the best things we ever decided to do. We’ve lived all over the world and decided to retire in Greeley. The people are so nice and friendly and we are just an hour away from the mountains. There’s so much to do in Northern Colorado and we rarely have to leave our home town to find things we need or want to experience. It’s all right here!
Raising our children in a safe community where they will get an excellent education is extremely important to us. In fact, it’s been the number one factor in our decision to move to Greeley. When we visited the schools, we felt welcomed and could immediately see that the teachers cared about the success and achievement of our kids.
Northern Colorado has it all. I moved from a big city where I didn’t know my neighbors and fought traffic to and from work every day. Now, I can’t go to the grocery store for a gallon of milk without seeing someone I know. And, my commute only takes me 15 minutes from one side of town to the other. I realized that my stress level has gone down and I’ve connected with some really good people. After living here for a short period, I believe this is where we’d really like to put roots down and call home.
Last weekend, after we attend the Greeley Blues Jam (a world-class event), we took our friends who were visiting us to attend the all-day concert to Estes Park which is just an hour away. They commented on how they’d wished they were staying longer for their visit because there was so much to do while they were here. There were several restaurants and retail shops they we didn’t get to go into because we simply ran out of time.
People move to Colorado for the outdoors and the natural beauty. Northern Colorado is a prime location to experience the outdoors and natural beauty. We love riding our bikes along the Poudre River Trail and picnicking up the Poudre Canyon just a hop skip and a jump from our house. Last weekend we drove to the Pawnee Buttes through beautiful farm country and hiked the formations. We can see the majestic mountains from our back deck and still enjoy the beautiful sunrises on the Eastern plains. We really believe we’ve got it all and it’s why we chose Northern Colorado to call home.

While each community in Northern Colorado has its own differences and personality, we believe that no matter where you land, it will have all of the features you are looking for. Northern Colorado is an incredible place to live…we’d love to help you make that dream come true.

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